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Types of Trailer Hitches You Could Consider For Your Vehicle

by Aapo Perala

If you are new to towing items with your personal car, chances are you will not be aware of the different types of hitches you will find when searching for trailer parts. Before you purchase a trailer hitch, there are a number of considerations that you would have to keep in mind to ensure that it will cater to our needs, not only do you have to consider your car's towing capacity, but you will also have to keep in mind the trailer weight that you intend to haul with your vehicle. As such, there are a number of trailer hitches that you will find in the market to suit a variety of needs and requirements. Here are some of the types of hitches that you could consider when in search of trailer parts

Self locking trailer hitches

This types of trailer hitch is usually manufactured from aluminium, thus giving it a modern and polished appearance. The self locking trailer hitches will have an anti-rattle system incorporated into them that works toward noise elimination when hauling your trailer. Additionally, the anti-rattle system will also work toward preventing premature wear and tear that tends to occur at the hitch receiver. Since this type of trailer hitch is self locking, you can be assured that once you hook your trailer it will remain secure. Before purchasing a self locking trailer hitch, ensure that you have checked the hitch's specific capacity so as to make the best decision on what will fit the requirements of your trailer.

Adjustable trailer hitches

Since these trailer hitches are adjustable, they provide you with much more flexibility as well as compatibility in regards to your vehicle as well as the trailer you are planning on hauling. Typically, adjustable trailer hitches will have ball mounts that come in two different sizes. To use the size that is best suited to your trailer or vehicle, all you would need to do is flip the trailer hitch and select the size that is most appropriate for your needs. This type of trailer hitch is best suited for individuals who are planning on hauling weights of different capacities or those who will be changing the vehicle they are using at intervals while hauling their trailer.

Weight distribution trailer hitches

These types of trailer hitches are designed for vehicles that will be hauling double or more of the amount of the car itself. For instance, if you are planning to haul a campervan using a saloon car, then you should consider opting for a weight distribution trailer hitch. These trailer hitches function toward evenly distributing the weight of the trailer as well as the leverage via spring bars. This in turn releases some of the pressure off of your vehicle's tail end, hence making it safer to haul your trailer.